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Vietnam Reduces 40% VISA Stamping Fees Since Nov 2015

Good news for tourists tending to travel to Vietnam in next time.

Vietnam’s the Ministry of Finance has promulgated the Circular No. 157/2015/TT-BTC which stipulates collection, management and use of fees for issuing passports, visas and papers on entry, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam.

According to the Circular, the visa stamping fees for foreigners and Vietnamese residing overseas will have a sharp drop of 40%.  The rate for single entry visa will decrease from 45 USD to 25 USD. To multiple-entry visas for periods of three months or less, the fee will be 50 USD, falling by 45 USD. However, longer term visas upward 3 months to 5 years will have unchanged fees from $95 to $155. See new Visa stamping fees below.

Single entry visa     $25/ pax   (the old fee: $45)
Multiple entry visa for 3 months or less     $50/ pax   (the old fee: $95)
Upward 3 months to 6 months     $95/ pax
Upward 6 months to 1 year     $135/ pax
Upward 1 year to 2 years     $145/ pax
Upward 2 years to 5 years     $155/ pax

These fees will take effect from November 23 2015. 

Specially, with tourists traveling in Vietnam then entering Laos or Cambodia, then coming back Vietnam within 30 days, the fee is 5 USD instead of 45 USD before.
Fees for arrival and exit are collected in VND. Fees stated in USD may be collected in USD or in VND at the average inter-bank foreign exchange rate announced by the State Bank of Vietnam at the time the fee is collected.

Earlier, Viet Nam extended visa exemption for tourists from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy for maximum stay of 15 days.


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