Top Hanoi Coffee Shops for Authentic Taste

HIT Vietnam is going tol recommend you some best cafes in Hanoi, which will satisfy gourmet travelers. 
 When winter comes, to many people in Hanoi, freezing wind and a hot bland coffee cup, and then a paradise is just here. Undergoing many years, coffee became a cultural beauty and a popular image of the city. Sitting silently beside a nice cup of coffee, the bustling rhythm of life seems to be slowdown. By the way of sipping bland coffee in an old and hidden café, you will discover partly this millennium city. 
Giảng café
Giảng is one of the most long-standing coffee brand in Hanoi, one of four coffee-pillars “Nhân-Nhĩ-Dĩ-Giảng” in the past. Many people believed that its first owner is the first person creating egg-coffee. Whatever it is, Giang still has the best egg-coffee in Hanoi.
This café was founded by Mr. Nguyễn Văn Giảng in about 1946, who used to be a bartender at Metropole hotel in French colonial period (1930-1945). Mr. Giang varied capuchino into egg-coffee at the time he worked at this hotel.
Making egg-coffee is not really sophisticated, but it requires subtlety and finesse. Thus, there are just several café in Hanoi making this drink successfully. To make nice egg-coffee, bartenders have to select fresh eggs to avoid causing stinking smell. Coffee has to be the scrumptious pure type of Vietnam, which has heady fragrance.
Giảng’s egg-coffee has strong taste of bitter coffee, aromatic and rich taste of chicken yolk and smooth taste of cream. All create a soft, fragrant and sweet flavor, which makes people feel cozy and pleasant, especially in chilly days.
When enjoying, you should stir coffee steadily. If not, most egg is up whereas most coffee is under. At Giang café, you can also enjoy fragrant and very sweet egg-cacao. Thick cacao blends with soft egg layers, and mist streams spiral from hot cacao glass, all will bring warmth in cold winter days.  
The café is almost hidden into a tiny lane at 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân street. Thus, if not mind, it is really difficult to realize it. Although the entrance is really strait, the café space inside is fairly wide. It also has 2 stories to serve. There is another Giảng café’s branch at 109 Yên Phụ street. Both owners of this two are sons of Mr. Giảng. Additionally, you can enjoy yummy egg-coffee at Đinh café, 13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng street. Its owner is just the daughter of Mr. Giang. Despite the same origin, coffee tastes of two Giảng café and Đinh café aren’t the same, depending on style of each new owner. 
Lâm café
Created by Mr. Nguyễn Văn Lâm, this coffee brand started by a coffee cart at Chí Linh flower garden in 1950. After about 2 years, Mr. Lâm opened a café in Hàng Vôi street, then moving to a house at 60 Nguyễn Hữu Huân street. Since the first days, Lâm became a beloved location of civil servants, writers and artists.
As an old, small and simple coffee shop located in the middle of the street, Lâm café has quietly existed among flowing rhythm of time stream and the change of the streets. People love Lâm coffee because of its unique charming taste. This is the rich coffee, but at a sufficient level, delectable, sweet and nutty. This café is also really impressive by its burnt but pleasant smell of roasted coffee, a special odor that only Lâm café has.   

Over 60 years, the receipt of 100% pure coffee roasting has been transmitted through many generations. This makes the flavor hard to be able disappeared. Specially, Lâm café has gained a fame thanks to its amazing pictures, which tinted colors of time. Formerly, many artists and writers arrived here frequently. Gradually, they became close to Mr. Lam. They kept on drinking and then owned. Sometimes lack of money, they even borrowed from Mr. Lam to buy drawing pens and colors. When owed Mr. Lam too much, they brought Mr. Lam their pictures to be replaced for debts. Mr. Lam was originally easy-going, so he received all: landscapes, streets, sketches, charcoals, pastels and surreal paintings.
The café has still displayed many vivid and lively pictures about Hanoi’s people and streets, self-portraits accompanying autographs, and literary manuscripts. Their authors are famous names, whose works has stirred souls of many Vietnamese generations. These are artists like Bùi Xuân Phái, Dương Bích Liên, Võ Tư Nghiêm and Nguyễn Sáng; along with composers and writers such as Văn Cao, Tô Hoài, Nguyễn Hồng, Thế Lữ, Hữu Loan, Phùng Quán, Hoàng Lập Ngôn… The artistic space of Lâm café brings a mild, serene and a bit nostalgia feeling for visitors. 
Quất café
The café is in 102 Trấn Vũ street, the street adjoins Trúc Bạch Lake. It has existed about several tens of year. 
This simple café sells coffee at both indoor and outdoor along the pavement, and just has some small plastic chairs. But it has an open space, with an across side is a small road and the stone embankment side has several flower street hawkers.
Naturally, the main drink of this cafe is coffee, with many kinds. The owners chooses coffee beans themselves, then roast and grin in their own way. So the coffee has a special taste, strong and tangy, and smells so good even mixed with ice. Besides, guests can select other dinks like tea or cacao. The price is quite cheap.
Quat has an especial feature. As soon as receiving drinks from servers, customers have to pay money immediately. But after that, the owners and servers will ignore customers. So you can sit in a long time, as long as you want. You can play games, reading books and news in a comfortable way that no one of the café pays attention to you. In case that want more food or drinks, you have to return the house and order. 
Thanks to an open space, stunning views around, accompanying comfort and the reasonable prices, this café is really crowded, particularly in late afternoon and in evening. 
Perhaps early morning is the best time to enjoy coffee at Quat café. The beauty of fresh flowers, of intellectual men sitting leisurely beside a nice cup coffee, and of Truc Bach lake shrouding in virtual mist, all are so tranquil.  

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