Top 15 Things to do in Vietnam

1. Scooter pillion riding with a local

Vietnam is a country of motorbikes. There is no place in Asia, except Thailand perhaps, you can find such many motorbikes – scooters actually - as in Vietnam. Riding a scooter by yourself, especially within cities, can be scary because of hectic traffic. However, you should know that is the mode of transport daily used by locals. And joining the bike streams is very interesting but challenging experience for foreigners. Riding with a local and siting behind of a scooter will be the best option.

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2. Taste street foods and do a cooking class

Vietnamese cuisine is applauded several times for its wonderful taste and healthy ingredients. There are many “stars” you must consider to take a try such as:
  • Pho (with beef or chicken) at Nguyen Khac Hieu street, Bat Dan street or Ly Quoc Su street at Hanoi center.
  • Bun cha (noodle with grilled or sliced pork) – by Mdm. Huong Lien in Le Van Huu street, Hanoi, also known as “Obama Bun Cha” after the visit of US President Obama to Vietnam in June 2016.
  • Banh My (Vietnamese sandwich) – by the Queen of Banh My, Mdm. Khanh and Banh My Phuong both in Hoi a town.
  • Com tam Sai gon (broken rice Sai gon style) – steam broken rice served with grilled pork ribs, salad and sweet and sour sauce. 
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3. Drink local coffee 

Coffee in Vietnam mostly is Robusta that tastes bitter while Arabica that is often found in US or EU is less bitter and little sour taste. Vietnam is one of the top coffee exporters in the world then coffee price here is very cheap. You can enjoy coffee everywhere from a small shop on the street or in a fine restaurant of a 5-star hotel. 
The most favorite ways of enjoying coffee are coffee added with sugar and coffee added with condensed milk. Hot or cold coffee depends on the weather. The price is 10.000d – 20.000d in a street shop or can up to 40.000d – 70.000d in a fine restaurant. The quality is not very clearly different.

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4. Overnight on a cruise in Halong bay

Halong is the pride of Vietnam with two times recognized as World Heritage. A tour to Vietnam for the first-time travelers is never completed without a trip to Halong bay. Overnight on a Halong cruise is a top loved activity because of the excellent services by the crew and the tranquility hideaway in stunning, magnificent nature. An extra activity of kayaking is recommended.

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5. Hiking and Homestay in Sapa

Sapa is the top heaven for adventurous activities in Vietnam. The most popular and easiest-to-take activities are hiking and homestay. Depending on your physical level, Sapa can offer any level of hiking hardship. Stunning terrace fields, majestic view of the highest mountain range over Indochina with the unique culture of various ethnic people are the top things you expect here in Sapa.

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6. Luxury Beach retreats

Beaches in Vietnam are one of the best beaches in South East Asia and some are the top of the world, too. They are also the location of the utmost luxurious hotels and resorts with international standards. Some most excellent ones are InterContinental Danang resort, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang, and The Nam Hai resort Hoi an. 
The tranquility views and crystal clear water can satisfy any picky beach lovers with no doubt.

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7. Boat trip on Trang An – Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a newly emerging stop in Vietnam and has shown off their beauty in several Hollywood blockbusters recently. This place is very special with a charming stream cutting valleys of rice fields under the shades of limestone. Boating slowly here to hidden caves makes you feel like sailing to fairy home.

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8. Either Biking trips in ancient villages Hue or cycling in Mekong delta

Rural Hue and Mekong Delta Vietnam are the best places for cycling because of their flat roads, beautiful rural sceneries, and friendly farmers. Hue is a former royal capital while Mekong delta is the biggest rice bowl of Vietnam. You can expect the best interaction with locals where you are always welcome with smiles and excited hand-waving.

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9. Cai Rang floating market

Floating market is the most typical feature of water lifestyle in Mekong delta. Cai Rang market in Can tho is the biggest one. The market is not only the place for the trading commodity but interchanging culture. It is very much similar to regular markets with goods, food shops or daily items selling etc. however, all of the activities taking place on boats over the water surface creates an alive and bustling atmosphere of the area that no places in Vietnam can offer.

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10. Sun set cocktail in Thu Bon river of Hoi an

Immerse yourself in a small boat under the twilight of Hoi an town. It is the moment of two Thu Bon river’s banks lit up by lanterns. The sparkling settings enhanced with a cocktail serving by skillful staffs will be unforgettable moments while you are in Hoi an.

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11. Hideaway retreat in Pu Luong

Hideaway from the popular roads, Pu Luong is a new place for anyone trying to look for a quiet, charming place surrounded by nature and mountains. Quite similar to Mai Chau and Sapa but much less tourist, Pu Luong offers true retreats for lazy travelers seeking for a hiding from the crowd while the area can be an adventurous spot for those ones loving trekking in remote, dirt trails.

12. Harvesting season of terrace fields in North Vietnam

Terrace rice field is the typical feature of North Vietnam where mountains are nominated. That makes terrace fields the best way of cultivating rice. The daily demand has unintentionally created the most stunning views of the north. The huge terrace yellow fields spread enormously over the mountain can astonish any mind and capture any hearts.

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13. Ride on Ho Chi Minh Trail and DMZ area visit

The neo-modern history of Vietnam attached with wartime against French and US army. During those time, Ho Chi Minh Trail played the vital role to connect north and South Vietnam that was painfully divided by DMZ are – latitude No.17 for more specifically. Ho Chi Minh Trail and DMZ are the existing evidence of those time. They are absolutely a must for veterans coming back Vietnam or those who are attracted by army and battlefield history.

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14. Trying to conquer Mt. Fansipan

Mt Fansipan at 3.143m is the highest peak of Vietnam and also the top of Indochina area. Trekking to Fansipan can cost you minimum 2 days and consume a heap of your energy; for some less active trekkers, this tour can drain your physical health to the last drops. There is no shame to quit at the middle as climbing to Mt Fansipan is a real challenge even to very good climbers. Making to the top is awesome no doubt but the experience of reaching and overcoming to your limits are also wonderful lasting during your lifetime.

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15. Motorcycling by yourself on mountainous, twisting roads in North Vietnam

Again, motor biking in Vietnam is fantastic and when you can ride yourself; that is awesome. For the best safety, we often lead you to the less traffic road, beautiful scenery, remote but still being able to supply clean beds and fresh food. If you are more skillful riders, we can go off-road to reach to the places never touched by tourism. The best trails to take motorcycling in Vietnam is the Grand North Loop from West to East, North West trail (Mai Chau, Son La, Dien Bien, Sapa), North East road (Cao Bang, Ba Be Lake, Bac Can, Ha Giang, Lang Son) and Ho Chi Minh Trail running from North to South Vietnam.

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