Shopping and buying Vietnam Souvenirs

Souvenirs is an attached part of any trip. HIT Vietnam is going to suggest you the most typical but cheap items to bring back to your home – a great conclusion for your Vietnam tours.

Traditional items

Lacquerware, wooden or stone carving are always good choices for souvenirs due to their wide range of prices and easy to transfer. Vietnam has many handicraft villages with master workers who can create amazing products. Those items are not only a souvenir from our wonderful country but can make a style décor at your home.
Most favorite items of lacquer wares are pictures of Hanoi or Halong bay with different sizes. A set of cups also is hot-picked. 
Wooden carving products are most found in Dong Ky village – a carpenter village with a long-standing history. The products are ranged from small, cheap and simple ones to big and sophisticated ones such as a whole set of living room chairs, tables or bedrooms decoration etc. The prices are also very much various, too.
Stone carving area in Marble Mountain Danang is most popular. The products are often status of Buddle, sacred creatures, home decorations or fashion accessories such as necklets etc. You can visit to witness how clever the workers here to produce those items and buy your favorite ones as well. 

Embroidered paintings

Embroidered paintings are Vietnam’s proud product to offer as a souvenir. The workers use cotton yarns with hundred different colors to create astonishing products that is as much colorful as using paint. To make a single painting can cost several hours to even some months depending on size and complication of the sample design.
Due to this factors, this price for embroidered paintings is often higher than other items. The most favorite brand is X.Q embroidered paints. XQ originated from Dalat city and now has showroom in Hanoi and Hochiminh city (Sai gon)


Oriental silk was famous since the glorious days of ancient times. Silk from Vietnam, China, India etc found the ways to the Western world and conquer the pickiest customers. The tradition of silk weaving now remains in several villages in Vietnam in which is Van Phuc village – the most famous one. The visitors are able to watch the process of making silk till they are turned into ready-to-wear products such as Ao dai (traditional costume of Vietnam), scarf, table/chair décor etc.
There are many other places where you can find high-quality silk such as in Hoi an or Hue.

Tailoring Clothes

The most practical souvenir from Vietnam is clothes made from silk. These handmade products do not only carry iconic symbols of Vietnam but cool, well sweater-absorbing, comfortable to wear. The tailors are skillful and so much quick that they can get your order done within 24 hours. Even if you don’t have much time stay in Vietnam, they can send the completed products via postal. 
The best shops to place your orders are in Hanoi, Hue and Hoi an. The most favorite items are “Ao dai” and its modern variants.

Ao dai - Vietnamese traditional dress

Ao dai has its history back to Nguyen dynasty (approx. 18th century). Having been undergone the rise and fall of several political events, Ao Dai is now the national costume of Vietnam, the uniform of Vietnam Airlines – national airlines and the most formal costume in important ceremonies of Vietnam.
Ao dai includes long skirts from necks till shank middle and long pants. The pants are often white or black while the skirts are very much various in color and design patterns. Ao dai is mostly used by women but there is also a version for men with a darker color and stronger patterns. 
The origin one is tight up the upper part of woman’s body to enhance their curves. The lappet is as long as the length of pants that is very wide and soft. That is the most beautiful version but can make difficulties in moving so modern designers create simple versions while keeping its spirits and beauty.


Coffee in Vietnam is some of the bests over the world. The price is also as cheap as some US$. Some popular brands are Trung Nguyen coffee, Me trang coffee etc. 
The largest coffee plantation in Vietnam in Dak Lak province – Highland central. Visiting here you can see the coffee tree, harvesting, and processing steps then buy some origin ones right at the plantation. Coffee is easier to pack, keeping and separated into smaller bags that are very nice to make a souvenir to your friends and families. Note: coffee from Vietnam is mostly Robusta that is believe bitter than Arabica coffees – the one widely used in Western.

Places to buy

Casual, local markets: These places are most of the local people buying things for their daily needs. You can find most of those things there, however, we suggest you should be escorted with a local and make a bargain. Local markets can be very interesting when you can see how local lives are going but please prepare for noise, hygiene issues or even pocket thieves. 
Some most well-known markets  are Dong Xuan, Hang Be (in Hanoi), Ben Thanh, Cho Lon (Sai gon), Dong Ba (Hue), Cai be, Cai Rang floating markets (Mekong Delta).


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