Nha Trang Travel Guide & Tours

Ideal place for island tours, water sports and bustling nightlife
Nha trang, no doubt, is the best beach of Vietnam. The long time developing tourism city is undeniable destination of leisure and relax. The city is surrounded one side by majestic mountains and one by giant, emerald ocean.

How to get there?
Functioning as a main travel destination, Nha trang is easily to reach by all transport means. Nha trang has a domestic airport and deep ocean port which can be anchored huge, luxury liners traveling around the world. The domestic flight held several per day from both Hanoi and Hochiminh city. Most of “Reunification Trains” stop at Nha Trang Railaway station. From Hochiminh city, there are some deluxe to luxurious trains offering pleasant stay overnight at private bunks

Best time to go
Nha trang is beautiful to visit nearly all year round. Having to pick the best time to see, they are from January to June when weather is not too hot, not too cold. The summer time in a tropical area like South Vietnam can get quite hot. The hottest months are often from July to August. Nha trang is the best place for diving because of stunning marine life and diversified creatures, diving is most recommended on spring time, especially as early as February
Differ from the most parts of Vietnam, autumn travel in the area is not recommended. This is because the storms can get violent and there is some risk of typhoon devastation during the heart of the rainy season. Travelers planning trips to the area from September to mid-December should be sure to stay on top of local weather information during the days leading up to their trip

Where to go?
Nha Trang is a relatively compact city which is fairly easy to get around merely by walking.  The main streets (Tran Phu and Biet Thu) connect to each other and the majority of attractions and nightlife options are located right near their intersection.  Tran Phu runs right along the beach which is the other major tourist draw in Nha Trang, and many travelers find that walking along the beach is an enjoyable means of getting from one section of Nha Trang to the next.

Activities expected there: sightseeing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, water sports, island excursions and leisure activities