Jeeps-model M151 A2 in Vietnam tour

Nowadays, Jeeps which once were used in the war since 1950s-1960s, are used as the vehicle of many tours in Vietnam. That unique vehicle can take travelers to enjoy adventures and visit the former battlefields. Ho Chi Minh trail on Jeep – our newest tour is one of tours like those and we are using Jeep-model M151 A2 in this tour. It’s our exclusive adventure tours because various highlight of nature, history and riding experience are included in this neat tour. Here are some information of our vehicle – the Jeep M151 A2.

Overview history of the Jeep

Since World War II the US military has relied on the “Jeep” to get it through the mud and to the front line. There were many incarnations of it, the last being the trusty MUTT (Military Unit Tactical Truck) that was first used in Vietnam and only recently retired in the 1990s. The U.S. Air Force used it as a mode of transport for its important forward air controllers, who helped call in pinpoint air strikes on enemy positions.

Vietnam Jeep tours

The M151A2 was born and was raised in the militia, and it is always ready for the action. Form part of the series of military vehicles 4X4 more versatile of the fact that is had. And must be it, since it manufactures it AM General with their more than 40 military experience years. The M151 series has, as norm equipment, an electrical system of 24 volts that it is waterproof, hermetical to the powder and suppression has of interferences of radio waves. Permit to ford until a depth of 1.5 meters.

Technical Specifications of the M151A2

The M151 family of vehicles includes M151, M151A1, M151A1C, M151A2, and M825 utility trucks and M718 and M718A1 ambulances.

The M151A2, ¼ ton, 4x4, utility truck is a general purpose personnel or cargo carrier. Including the driver, it provides space for four men with equipment and has a cruising range of 482 Km or 300 miles.

Vehicle Dimensions

Vehicle Length Overall (cm) Height Overall (cm) Width Overall (cm)
M151A2 337.1 180.3 163.3

Maximum Operating Speeds

                           Maximum Speeds
  Miles Per Hour Kilometers Per Hour
Reverse 9 14
First Gear 11 18
Second Gear 21 34
Third Gear 40 64
Fourth Gear 55 88

Capacities for Normal Operating Conditions

Description   Capacity  Normal Operating Conditions
Cooling System 8.5 liters  ½ Ethylene Glycol, ½ Water
Engine (Crankcase only)   3.7 liters HDO 30
Engine (Crankcase with new filter)  4.7 liters HDO 30
Fuel tank (non emission control) 64.3 liters Gasoline Fuel 91 minimum research octane.
Fuel tank (emission control)  60.5 liters Gasoline Fuel 91 minimum research octane.
Differentials  .94 GO 85 / 140
Transmission   2.6    GO 80 / 90
Air conditioning   Not available
Maximum Seats  04 
(including driver seat)  

This information is for your reference, the real vehicle specs may have some differences. Most of our vehicle are 1950s - 1980s, originally used by US army.
Here are some photos of the real vehicles Jeep we use in our Jeep tour. Photos of this post credits to our JEEP partner - VJT



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