Hoi An Travel Guide & Tours

Lovely Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese combine dated back 16th century
Hoi an is absolutely the highlight of any tour to Vietnam. The small, sleeping town, lazily lying along Thu Bon river, escaped from successive wars now is emerging the best destination for tourism. The town has its all to be a fully packing place with beaches, river, ancient town, traditional villages and moreover, all of them are enchanted enough to keep tourist hardly to leave

What to do there?
Hoi an recognized as World Heritage since 1999 and now closed to cars. The town center is pedestrian-friendly. Strolling down the streets passing through 400 years old there is much more pleasant than in Hue or Nha trang. Hotels is just distance from town center and walkable. Hiring a bike to getting around will be the best choice to explore surrounding on your own

Considered as the place best preserving history retains over Vietnam, Hoi an is very much successful in keeping traditional relics and routines. The over 400 hundred old houses remain nearly unchanged with tile, bricks and wooden pillars. On the Full moon Legendary Night, the town will ban all motored vehicles and the whole town lit up by lanterns which transform to magic land of silk stores, workshops and games on streets

Best time to visit?
Hoian can be visited all year rounds. The most beautiful time is from November to March. From April to Septemper, the area usually experiences quite hot weather. But this time you may get very attractive deals and promotion form hotels here
The time from October and November, Hoi An has problems with flooding, especially in areas close to the waterfront. The greatest flood ever recorded in Hoi An took place in 1964, when the water reached all the way up to the roof beams of the houses. In late 2006 the town bore the brunt of the worst typhoon in 50 years.

Activities expected here: sightseeing, shopping, biking, water activities, cooking class, farming at villages, lantern making and more