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Great service does not just happen. It requires a spirited attitude and desire to exceed customer expectations. Your input provides us with the information needed to ensure that we constantly meet and exceed your expectations. We welcome your honest evaluation of our service. Below are comments made by some of our customers.  We thought you would like to hear them! 
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Dear Mr. Van Hoang,
We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful holiday!  We were so pleased with every aspect of our tour.  
You, all of your tour guides, drivers, and your partners provided us with such great customer service.  We are also glad we took your recommendation of not upgrading the hotels.  Every single one exceeded our expectations and were first rate.  All of the (included) meals were great and provided a good sampling of the different kinds of local food.  
During the tour, we never needed to worry about anything.  Your guides were very professional and were outstanding at providing great background and historical information in each of the different locals.  The guides and drivers always made sure we didn't forget anything, especially our belongings.  Someone was always there to pick us up, check us in, and shuttle us wherever we needed to go.  Your drivers were very conscientious and we always felt very safe on the many roads and highways we travelled, especially given all of the traffic!
The itinerary you put together for us was fantastic.  We took in so much during our 21 days.  There was never a dull moment.  
We think a special commendation should be given to two of your guides:  Tran, in Hanoi, and Saem, in Phnon Penh.  Tran was the first person we met upon our arrival and his abilities as host and tour guide gave us great confidence that we had made the right decision in choosing Holiday Indochina Tours.  Seam provided us with so much historical and cultural information sprinkled with his own personal family experiences.  This made it so much more "real" for us.
Again, we cannot thank you enough.  Please feel free to use any or all of this for your customer reviews.
John & Frances Bolaris
Vietnam and Cambodia  - Traveled on Feb 2015

We had a excellent trip and thank you all for preparing our visit. 
I would suggest a few changes. Offer a bus ride as well as train to Sapa. The train is ok but arriving too early in the morning and we are tired all day. 
Please limit the times to visit craft shops. Once is enough. All of the guides were very good like Mee in Sapa was the best with English. In general better English will help. 
Neil and Maureen
Vietnam Customized Tour - Traveled on Jan 2015
East Hotel in Yangon has no water.
Rocky from Mrauk U is very very good! All the guides have good command of English. All arrangement have been prompt.
Overall comment by David: Excellent
Overall comment by Katherine: Good
Copy from our Feedback Form filled by David Chan and Katherine Wong
Myanmar Customized tour  - Traveled on Nov 2014

Dear Ngan do,
Thank you so much for ensuring that my trip was so fantastic. I know you worked very hard with me on the itinerary and answered all my questions with patience and even called me last Sunday to make sure everything was going well. I really appreciate this.
I enjoyed every place I visited. The beauty of each place, the interesting sites to visit, the convenience of the car and driver, the helpfulness of the guides, the many chances to learn, take great photos, and yes, to shop, were fantastic. I also appreciated the flexibility I had as sometimes this was important, such as the "extra" walk I took on the way to Inle Lake. I appreciate the teamwork between you and OneStop, who did a terrific job for me. Thin-Thin is excellent. 
Perhaps what did not work as well as hoped, were the guides. They were all very warm, energetic, committed to my satisfaction, and well organized. However, except for one, their ability to speak and understand English wasn't as good as I expected. I did get upset about this on more than one occasion. Next time, it will need to be better. I have communicated this to Thin-Thin, too.
Regardless, this has been an unforgettable trip and I can't wait to share more with family and friends!  Everyone needs to visit Burma :-)
Lastly, thank you so much for your very thoughtful, beautiful gift! I was so surprised! I'm carrying it back, of course, and it will always remind me of my trip and our partnership.
Warmest regards,
Myanmar Customized tour  - Traveled on Nov 2014
Dear Mr Van Hoang
Already over a week passed since we've came back from Vietnam, but our fond memories are still fresh 
and we still share our experiences with friends and family !
It was maybe a short  trip, nevertheless – full of vibrant beauty of life, people, nature, history . . . . wow. . . 
Thank you for providing so smoothly running, professional, safe, pleasant and thrilling experience !
And -  it was a real pleasure to meet you personally as well as visit your office and see so many happy faces there !
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great holiday we had in your fascinating country !
We wish you all the best in your personal life as well as in your business ! 
Warmest regards,
Jolanta and Andrew
Vietnam Customized tour  - Traveled on Jan 2014
Dear Mr Van Hoang
In January this year you organised a tour for 4 of us of Cambodia and Vietnam. (12 to 27 January)
On behalf of Jeff & Therese Seeney (honorable citizens of Queensland - our findings), my husband Peter & I we would like to thank you for this most memorable holiday.
We very much enjoyed the cultural experience. All of the guides (and drivers) were most helpful, courteous and very knowledgeable about their local region.
The entire trip was very smooth and professionally organised. The accommodation was of high standard, the vehicles comfortable and the drivers made us feel very safe.
We would certainly recommend your company to anyone wishing to experience Indochina. 
We apologise for taking this long to provide this advice. 
Mary Sharp
Vietnam and Cambodia tour  - Traveled on Jan 2014
Dear Van, I would like to thank you and your company for organising such a brilliant trip for myself and my granddaughter.
Everything went according to plan and the whole trip was even better than I imagined. The hotels were great too.
I am so pleased that I have finally been able to experience Myanmar.
Thank you again, 
Julie Targett
Treasure of Myanmar tour  - Traveled on Feb 2014
Our trip was educational, memorable and full of great photo opportunities.
The guides were good, and we especially liked the one in Saigon...Thien? Can't remember the spelling of his name. Pho Lone in Inle Lake had a wonderful, calm demeanor with excellent explanations.  These were two of our favorites.
Each guide had good knowledge and was willing to adjust itineraries to fit our needs and requests.  Our only comment is that at times with two of the guides, it was difficult to understand their English.  I am sure they probably also had trouble understanding us. 
The drivers were courteous.  With the exception of the driver in Hanoi who drive us to Halong Bay, riding with each of the other drivers was pleasurable.  Our driver to Halong Bay drove too fast, constantly used his horn and was consistently trying to pass other vehicles.  It was a most unpleasant three hour ride, and at one point, Ted had to ask him to slow down.  We noticed that when the guide was in the car in Hanoi, he was a much calmer driver.  
The hotels were well selected, with good to great breakfasts, and comfortable rooms.  
Thank you for being attentive to our itinerary.
Laura Lee Chandler
Vietnam to Myanmar Tour - Customized and traveled on Jan 2014
Dear Mr. Van,
I apologise for not responding sooner. Karen and I had a wonderful time. I have been to Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, China and Thailand and this tour was the best by far. Karen had never been overseas before and she had a wonderful time. We both liked the scenery, the hotels, the food, the guides, the people. tour layout, the transportation. All were excellent! The weather was great, while we were there the weather back at our home was 2 weeks of extreme cold and lots of snow. We were late on the last leg of our trip due to a blizzard. The hotel upgrades were special. I loved all the different food but the Parkview restaurant at the Sapphire was my favorite.
If anyone is planning a trip to Indochina I will recommend Vietnam and your organization.
Gary and Karen
PS We took over 1250 pictures.
(Mr)Gary Trull
Best of Vietnam Tour - Customized Jan 2014
Dear Van, I would like to thank you and your company for organising such a brilliant trip for myself and my granddaughter.
Everything went according to plan and the whole trip was even better than I imagined. The hotels were great too.
I am so pleased that I have finally been able to experience Myanmar. Thank you again, 
(Ms.) Julie Targett
Treasure of Myanmar - Customized Jan 2014
Dear Mr. Hoang,
Mrs Medoff & daughter returned to Hawaii yesterday.  She said that your tour people took very excellent care of her & that they had a wonderful, wonderful time.
I want to thank you very much for the good arrangements.
Please extend our gratitude & satisfaction  to ALL of the guides who took care of the Meodffs.  
I also appreciated your excellent customer service and for responding to my
many requests always right away.
I hope to visit Vietnam in 2015 & will contact you to make the arrangements.
(Ms.) Theo Fujiyoshi
Associated Travel - Home Office         
The Best of Vietnam Tour on Aug 2013
Hi Van Hoàng,
Sorry đến hôm nay mới email cho Hoàng được vì trở về nhà bị jet lag mệt quá.
Tuy nhiên chuyến đi Myanmar thật nhiều thú vị và cảnh trí còn nguyên thuỷ của Myanmar.
Tại Inkle Lake, tour guide rất friendly, vì coi nhiều stupa quá nên ngày chót tụi chị đề nghị đi xe đạp vô làng chơi, cũng được lắm, anh chị cũng có giúp đỡ tiền cho vài gia đình nghèo ở đó.
Mandalay, Bagan và Yangon tour guide cũng làm tròn chức năng của mình.  Tuy nhiên chị ngạc nhiên là họ không biết chương trình dẫn anh chị đi đâu, chị phải đưa chương trình mà em gởi cho họ thì ngày hôm sau họ dẫn anh chị đi đúng như vậy.
Hai dinner include trong tour rất ngon.
Nói chung thì tour nầy ok, mọi chuyện went smoothly.  Có điều English của họ chắc cần phải improve thêm vì chị thấy mấy tour guide của người ta đặc biệt là nữ giới họ nói tiếng Anh rất khá.
Chị đã đưa web site nầy cho bạn chị rồi.
Chị sẽ gởi comment sau email nầy.
Cám ơn em rất nhiều.
(HIT Vietnam's translation: 
" Hi Van Hoang,
Sorry that I could not write you earlier as the flight made me so tired with jet lag. However, the tour to Myanmar was very interesting and we enjoyed primitive scenes of Myanmar much. 
The tour guide in Inle lake was so friendly, but because of too much stupa visiting, then on the last days we decided to take a bike into villages there. That was fantastic, we did help some jobs to locals and made some donation too.
Guides in Mandalay, Bagan and Yangon were all good enough. However, I was a little bit surprised that they had not known about our program. I had to give them the one you sent me then the next day, they took me go as the program indicated.
Two dinner included in the tour were delicious. 
In general, the tour was very much ok, everything went smoothly. I just thought the guides should improve more on their English. Because, I met some guides of other groups, they spoke English very well especially some female guide.
I sent your website to my friend already. I will send you the comments later on.
Thank you so much.)
Anh Liên
Myanmar and Vietnam Tour on March 2013
Van Hoang,
Sorry about this delayed message.  I was busy.  Our trip was memorable.
Thanks to you.
Our tour guides Mister SPRING in Yangon was outstanding, ZAW ZAW in Mandalay very nice, MOMO our trekking guide very helpful then NONOKO was adorable and very good.  Our drivers were very careful and helpful also, and very clean.
We came back with a lot of good memories, only 3500 pictures and 3 hours video.  We love your country. We meet a lot of very nice people.
As for the Hotels.  You must void ALPHA HOTEL, the rooms are too old. 
The staff was very helpful. The other hotels were nice, no complains. 
We did not have our lunch and diner on February 26 during our trekking and at the hotel in Inle lake as our program said. Mister Spring refund us in Yangon. No problem.
Many thanks for your services.  We will give your business address to our friends. Take care.
Best regards,
Nadyne and Robert ZAFRAN 

Myanmar Tour on Feb 2013
Hi Van,
I do not think that you could improve your service.  My experience with the tour was excellent and every one of the guides and drivers were interesting and lovely people.  I was sick for a few days and was surprised that the office called me to see how i was.  There was always someone waiting for me when i arrived at the next destination and I never had any difficulties.  I learned alot, met people I enjoyed, and throughtly loved my time in Myanmar.  
The one thing I did learn was that it is best to start planning in advance due to the problems with communication and the huge demand for a limited amount of hotel rooms.
PS  The train to Lashio fell of the tracks and then had brake problems and arrived very late.  I am very glad that I chose to drive, especially as that day I was sick that day.  Mr. Charles Guest House was very nice and there were many opportunities to go for 1/2 day and full day walks.  Hu Pin hotel treated me as a special guest as i stayed 6 days, longer than anyone had before.  Most people are in a hurry and only spend a couple of nights.  It was a beautiful and tranquil place to rest and recover from illness.
I hope that this is helpful information.
Thank you
Judie Stern

Best of Myanmar Tour on Feb 2013.

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