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Foreign traveler to be provided e-visa to vietnam since feb 2017

E-Visa is processed via an electronic portal, valid for single entries, within 30 days expiration and the fee is collected via bank accounts.

The pilot project for eVisa, ratified by Vietnam National Assembly on morning November 22nd, 2017 with a majority of approved votes, is about to be implemented in 2 years – commencing from January 1st, 2017. (Refer getting visa in current:

E-visa applies for foreign travelers who must hold a regular passport and are not listed in the list of entry limitation or prohibition under the Article 21, Law on entry, exit, transit and resident for foreigners staying in Vietnam.

Banks transfer is confirmed to be the payment method for e-Visa fee because this method guarantees the clear, explicit financial transactions, creates more convenience for travelers to follow up, and reduces intermediary expenses.  The fee is non-refundable even if the Visa is not granted.

If a foreigner, holding an e-Visa and already entering Vietnam, requests for a new Visa validity, the migration authority will consider and process the request according to the current regulations.

The e-Visa system is a breakthrough in order to minimize frustrations for travelers in the Visa approving process. Experts strongly believe this system will soon become an advantage element to attract more oversea tourists travelling to Vietnam.

Previously, a rep of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said that they would promote as massively and promptly as possible the new eVisa system to the markets interested in Vietnam as a destination. In particular, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism will make an official announcement on its website, social network channels, oversea Vietnamese embassies, and inbound travel companies who are directly in charge of bringing foreign tourists coming to Vietnam.

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