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B2B Partners to Work with HIT Vietnam Tours

If you are looking for a trusted travel company in Vietnam with experiences for all travel related services including but not limited to complicated requests, big groups, special exotic request or MICE group etc; HIT Vietnam is happy to be your local partner to support all those requests done perfectly with very competitive prices.
Being different from other online travel companies in Vietnam who often work with B2C market, HIT Vietnam started as the trusted partner for other tour companies in Vietnam since 2008 before setting up for our own market. We are confident and know how to work with B2B partners for mutual benefits.

Why working with HIT Vietnam Tours?

  1. We are a local operator: we completely understand the country, the features of the travel industry in a newborn stage, as well as how to cope with complicated and tough situations.
  2. We work your ways: We understand how competitive the market is and how hard to settle a deal with customers. Your wish is customers’ wishes. The customer satisfaction is the final end for you and our both.
  3. We respect and protect your brand name: we will greet customers on your behalf, make the welcome board with your logo and name, and solve the issues as your rep. We never ever give our business cards or contact information. Your customers are always yours. That is the fundamental rule of a win-win business.
  4. Different rate and payment policies: Depending on the booking volume and long-term business relationship, you will enjoy favorable policies that are kept as the top confidential between you and HIT Vietnam only. 
  5. We experience in our fields: we offer Vietnam tours that are private and customized tour packages for foreign tourists since 2008 and now we extend to Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. We have met thousands of requests even some of them are exotic and unfamiliar. But we have done well and are recognized by our customers as an excellent Vietnam tour operator.
  6. Detailed quotation quickly in 24 hours: We can deal with all kinds of quotation request - all inclusive packages, break-down details or combining both of them upon your requirements.

What services HIT Vietnam do?

Vietnam tour packages:

Our jobs are much more in details. We still offer the best highlights of Vietnam in a tour package but we will customize them all in many visiting orders, various service levels and/or added activities. 
We respond you very quick. Whenever your customers want something different from classic itineraries, we will get back with the best suggestions next 24 hours.

Vietnam Adventure tours:

We can deal with all types of adventures in Vietnam such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, and motorbiking; and exotic activities like Jeep tours, bird watching etc. Those activities require very much different attentions in details to ensure your clients' safety while the enjoyment must be utmost. You will get lots of advantages when using our detailed experience - like never let 01 tour guide escort a group of 6 motorbikers up or the passenger over 2 meters height will get troubles with sit-in kayaks in Halong bay - to work with your customers.
Again, our Vietnam adventure tours are running on the private and customized basis.

MICE, Services for special occasions

As a local tour operator in Vietnam, we work as your local supporting partner for your event. We can deal with:
  • Hotel booking allotments and series bookings.
  • Car rentals and shuttle services for your events.
  • Flight ticket reservations, big group bookings.
  • Conference room rentals with full equipment.
  • Short excursions and added activities for local interaction with very short notices.
  • Wedding, birthday, anniversaries and honeymoon setup.
  • Charter bookings of cruises, train carriage.
  • Tour guides with many languages English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese etc.
  • Private, privileged entrances or no queue-up at crowded public sight-seeing places.
  • And much more....
Under some complicated cases, we will quote all services separately. You can see our business is clear and reliable.

 What benefits HIT Vietnam offer for B2B customers?

  • Special rates and booking conditions: as a long-term partner, you will enjoy special rates for your bookings with HIT Vietnam, especially for Series bookings or big groups.
  • With numbers of customers traveling to Vietnam together, the tour leader or your company’s staff will travel for FREE all services of Vietnam land tours.
  • Be privileged for FAM trips in Vietnam that are free of charge annually. 
  • Customized added values such as welcome boards with your names and logos on all vehicles, at the hotel lobbies, boats, and restaurants; room upgrades, free urgent amendments or cancellation etc.
*Note: Booking conditions applied depending on the booking numbers and/or group sizes.

Still questions? We always welcome a friendly and open business discussion via email or meetings in person at our office. Feel free to drop us a message here or contact us via email at We will get back with details of your needs in max 24 hours.
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